Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Through our partnerships with Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies and J&B Grijpers we offer one of the largest and most diverse range of grabs for multiple applications across diverse industry sectors, including, aggregates, grain, fertilizer, animal feed, coal, iron ore, scrap metal, timber, bio-mass, gypsum amongst many other bulk products within material handling and port applications.

All of the grabs and lifting equipment within our product portfolio are manufactured using the highest quality materials, coupled with industry proven components to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to customers, enhancing safety and efficiency for all.

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Clamshell Grabs

PEINER HZGs are especially hard-wearing and optimally suited for bulk handling of the most varied bulk materials like grain, coal, sand, gravel and ore.

Optimized shell shapes combined with efficient hydraulic components allow very good penetration and filling attributes and hence a high handling efficiency. Through the use of high-quality special steels, PEINER HZGs are able to safely and reliably surmount any deployment conditions, be they ever so hard.

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Orange Peel Grabs

Thanks to the most varied model variants, PEINER HMGs are outstandingly effective and flexible in deployment.

Optimum shell shape as well as efficient hydraulic components ensure high handling capacities. The PEINER HMG holds even bulky materials safely for a continuous period. Special impact bar protection variants guard the grab hydraulics from external influences.

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Waste & Recycling Grabs

Motor orange peel grabs, with their individually driven shells, match themselves to the material being handled. Transport losses are minimized. With the optimum structural height, the low center of gravity and the robust construction, the PEINER MMG/MMGL series has many universal possibilities for use.

PEINER MMG/L have extremely short opening and closing times that optimize the number of possible loading operations per hour.

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Timber Grabs

PEINER HHGs were specially developed for tough use in the timber processing industry and are able to continuously withstand the challenging deployment conditions.

Efficient hydraulic components ensure high handling efficiency. Thanks to the optimum tong shape, logs up to giant size can be picked up in efficiently. Depending on the grab type, the two tongs are constructed in such a way that they mesh into one another in an overlap. Even thin logs cannot fall out so that uninterrupted operation sequences and high productivity are ensured.

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Port Crane Grabs

PEINER MMG are designed for cranes with an electric supply. Depending on your individual crane equipment, the grab can be fastened either directly, or on slewing units or traverse beams.

Proven in shipyard cranes, dockside cranes as well as indoor cranes (EOT), PEINER MZG are your powerful and reliable partners for bulk materials handling.

PEINER MZGs have extremely short opening and closing times and thus increase the number of loading operations per hour.

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Slewing Units

Across the decades, PEINER slewing units have proven themselves in the global market and are part of the basic equipment of almost every dockside mobile crane. The originally electromechanical machines with a loading capacity of 5-32 t are being replaced by electro-hydraulic slewing units. Load bearing capacity now up to 200 t and more.

The crane operator can precisely and quickly position general cargo like containers, spreaders, grabs etc. PEINER slewing units are robust in design and have continuously variable speed regulation. For very cold regions, we can optionally fit stationary heating for heating the hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Dredging Grabs

J&B Grijpers Dredging and Digging Clamshell Grabs are utilised by some of the Worlds largest dredging Companies and feature an innovative design, high quality construction, large closing forces, they are fitted with floating pins for the best sealing, there is the option for dismountable teeth, these grabs have a high penetration force specifically for dredging / digging applications.

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Woodchip Grabs

J&B Grijpers clamshell grabs for the rehandling of woodchips are designed specifically for the handling of fibered woodchips. These clamshell grabs are fitted with special teeth for good product penetration, without damaging the ship. Because of the clamshell grabs large spread, the grab has a good filling ratio to ensure the material is handled in the most efficient way.

Hydraulic & Rope Grabs

Closed Shell Grabs

J&B Grijpers rehandling grabs for dusty materials such as cereals, fertilizers, phosphates and biomass. Available from 1500 litre up to 15 m³. For larger sizes please see type LHGS-4 below. Depending on the crane size and material to be handled, the grab capacity will be determined for you.

Closed rehandling clamshell with 4 cylinders used for the larger Cranes up to 45 tonnes lifting capacity for grab operation, available from 12 up to 45 m³