G.E.T & Wear Parts

G.E.T & Wear Parts

Offering G.E.T & Wear parts from Combi Wear Parts enables us sustainable innovation and increased competitiveness to our customers in the construction, mining and dredging industries. In Sweden, Combi Wear Parts develop patented wear part systems and manufacture complex and unique key components for market leaders within the forestry and goods handling industries.

LAS Equipment is an authorised distributor for Great Britain & Ireland for the full range of Combi Wear Parts to suit all types of heavy mobile equipment.

LAS Equipment offer a full range of wear parts from Combi Wear Parts to suite all applications, industries and machine types from excavators, wheel loaders, tractor dozers, graders, face shovels, dredgers.

Combi Wear Parts delivers innovative and sustainable business solutions that makes a difference for our customers and for the world, by using high quality steel grades, optimized for wear parts, in the custom-built foundry in Sweden we want to challenge today's standards and provide a better, stronger and more long-lasting choice for an ever-changing industry.

Bucket Teeth & Adapters


Lower maintenance costs and maximum operation time
C-REX is a high performing system solution that delivers significantly lower operating costs. To achieve this, we have maximized the length of the teeth, proportion of wear material and reinforced the adapters.


Designed for tough work where reliability counts better penetration, less stress on the machine and a mechanical lock that is safe and easy to mount and dismount. ProClaws offers a wide variety of benefits as well as areas of usage.

Combi Parts

With a user-friendly and robust design, the Combi Parts system is a reliable and productive partner for machines in construction work. Changing teeth is quick thanks to the locking mechanism, and the tight fit between adapter and tooth ensures maximum performance at all times.

Complimentary Products


ProTect Shrouds keep productivity high, bucket teeth will take the first impact when excavating or loading, but your bucket will still be exposed to wear. ProTect shrouds protect your bucket and increases productivity. We recommend using shrouds if you work in abrasive soils, and especially for rock applications

PEJO Safety Hooks

PEJO Safety Hooks offer a safe and controlled way to lift heavy and cumbersome parts. With high quality steel forged into the hook, PEJO Safety Hooks guarantees high strength and long life.

PEJO Safety Hooks are one of the world's most widely used safety hooks.

White Iron

ProMite products are designed to be extremely resistant to shock and abrasion, no matter the climate. ProMite withstands temperature down to -50° C without losing its properties. By using the latest technology for metallurgical bonding with mild steel, we are able to offer products that are easy to install and ensures maximum performance.