Tyre Chains

Tyre Protection Chains

LAS ZIRH - SDL manufactures chains in totality in its own modern factories including forging, welding, heat treatment, mould making, quality control lab. in Istanbul and in Ankara Turkey with its own brand name, Patent, Industrial Design Rights and Engineering under the quality standards of EN - TSE 663 and ISO 9001 Quality Standard Certificates..

LAS ZIRH - SDL has more than 4.000 end users in Open Pit and Underground Mining, Tunnelling, Quarrying, Recycling, Cement Plants, Forestry, Earth Moving, Hot Slag Operations, Scrap Yards, Metal and Glass Works, Forestry and Snow Removing. LAS ZIRH - SDL has the capacity to produce TPC`s in every size for every type of tyre in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23 and 24mm models in Square, Hexagon and in Deca types.

Immediate delivery of the chains and spare parts from the stock. LAS ZIRH - SDL has its own logistics department for packaging of spare parts and wooden transport crates for the chains in E.U. and ISPM Standards

Tyre Chains

Quarrying Tyre Chains

LAS ZIRH Tyre Chains are being manufactured from high wear resistant but flexible special chrome, manganese and molybdenum alloyed steel, manufactured in the EU. Certified, vacuumed and ultra sound controlled steel get manufactured under the technical specifications of Las Zirh for the production of tyre chains especially.

LAS ZIRH manufactures its own links not a hot shaping but a real forging system at our own foundry with 600, 800 and 1000 tonnes, Hydraulic Pneumatic Hammers, 5 hits per link, hardening the link as well.

Tyre Chains

Open Pit Mining Tyre Chains

It's crucial to pick the best tyre protection chains for your mining machinery. To choose the appropriate tyre protection chains for the equipment's weight, the conditions it will be used in, and the required level of protection, consult with LAS Equipment your reliable tyre protection chain supplier.

Extra strong chain rings are being welded with automatic flash butt welding system without any welding wire nor welding electrodes, and get tested with 40 tonnes pulling device. The priority of Las Zirh is always the health and safety of our employees and the production friendly environment .

Tyre Chains

Slag & Scrap Handling Tyre Chains

All The products of Las Zirh are under warranty and we have quality certificates of ISO 9001, TSE EN 663 and IQ NET. Las Zirh chains are 700 Hv1 hardness at the surface and flexible but unbreakable at the core with special high temperature, propane gas and salt bath, heat treatment systems.

Each chain we produce has a serial number and a sample which are kept in our plant. We can turn back and check the records of all production details and test data if required.